If the customer needs a ”simple” cable based on standard components, CUC provides a solution within a few weeks – without costs for development and tools.

However, if a more advanced solution is needed – e.g. a solution that implies design and development of special connector types – our experienced engineers can assist from the idea phase to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective solution.

In the development process we focus particularly on:

  • Durability
  • Design and applicability for the end-user
  • Application environment
  • Standards and approvals (FDA, REACH, ROHS, DIN, UL, WEEE, IEC)
  • Special requirements to quality and traceability
  • Production process
  • Price

Cable Solution - Cases

Specialfremstillet kabel til radiokommunikation

This cable is built up around ”hard” plastic parts; a pin insert for mounting replaceable pins, and a ”backbone” to absorb mechanical forces between connector and device.

Finally, the plug is remoulded with a flexible and ultra-tough plastic to give the plug a shock-resistant surface and a flexible cable relief.

Plastic Materials and Colours 

CUC uses small manual plastic injection machines for insert/outsert moulding of the plug parts.

This means that we are able to choose freely from thousands of different types of plastics – and thereby benefit from the many properties of plastic.

Optimization of the Customer’s Original Product

Originally, this cable was made up by components – the cable to the right.
Based on a desire for improved durability, CUC developed and manufactured a fully remoulded connector with an integrated cable relief – the cable to the left.

Result: The customer obtained an even more durable product – and achieved a saving.

Special relief

This cable is developed to stand up to 50,000 bends with a load of 0.5 kg. This makes heavy demands on the raw cable which in this case is kevlar”R”-enhanced, but also on the design.

Safety Connector

This plug is developed specifically to ensure safe connection at the end-user’s.

Packaging “Interface Cables”

We solve any special task/system delivery including quality certification, traceability and special packaging as well as other tasks as may be agreed.