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News from CUC engineering A/S

Ramping up – Dedicated Automation Specialist

Industrial Automation Specialist, Christian Bülow, has joined CUC Engineering A/S as of 1st September 2019. “We are pleased to welcome Christian onboard; he brings additional automation expertise that is going […]

World Class – Rapid Development

World Class Performance – STATE® is a successful brand in the market for high performance energy drinks. It is made for athletes and regarded as a very attractive recipe, and […]

Design agency and CUC join forces

Holscher Design Copenhagen is one of the most regcognized and award winning design agencies in Scandinavia with roots back to designer Arne Jacobsen and CUC engineering join forces to develop a disinfection […]

Bladena chooses CUC over China

An entrepreneur with nine patents to fall back on is rare and Bladena in Ringsted have wind turbine owners and producers from around the world as a potential customer group. […]

Politician visiting CUC engineering

On December 16, Venstre parliamentary candidate Morten Dahlin (V) visited plastics company CUC Engineering in Slagelse to discuss framework conditions, education and training and the lack of skilled labor. Accompanying […]