Let CUC Engineering use the most rational and cost-effective processes in the production and gain unique advantages.

We always seek to combine the best production methods and the highest attainable standard of quality – and we make great demands on our production equipment as well as our assembly personnel to achieve this objective.

Our ability to combine security of supply and flexibility provides optimal conditions for securing logistics for our customers, and we can quickly adjust our capacity in order to make an offer for special tasks even on short deadlines.

Our cord and cable production is centered on self-governing working groups which manages the day-to-day production in cooperation with the production management.

Our suppliers of raw cables, pins and electronic components are carefully selected focusing on quality, supply and price. In other words, they are selected according to exactly the same values as we ourselves would want to be known for.

Raw cables and materials are selected or manufactured according to the specification of the specific task.

We use all types of standard connectors, and are not bound by exclusive contracts with individual suppliers.