Quality – A Matter of Confidence

The concept of quality is no longer only concentrated on the product.

Companies today take it for granted that any key or support process is clearly defined, documented and systematically orientated in a mutual relation.

At CUC we would like to take one step further.

Thus, we have developed and implemented a certified management system which in addition to meeting the demands of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 also integrates a number of administrative processes as well as the business process itself.

The purpose is to combine the largest possible profitability and efficiency with the highest attainable quality in order to create and maintain our customers’ confidence.

Confidence that we as a company have what it takes to solve the task.

Mission and Vision

It is our mission efficiently and cost-effectively to develop, produce and supply special cords, form tools, plastic parts and mounting tasks at competitive prices and at the time of delivery and quality agreed on.

Our vision is to be recognized as best in class – and as a leading, flexible, competent and competitive partner. A partner, whose business is run by motivated, committed and skilled employees for whom environment, occupational health, culture and business ethics are vital.

Analysing and Optimizing on a Broad Front

Constantly improving quality, efficiiency and productivity requires an accurate and comprehensive collection of data throughout the company – data that forms the basis of a definition and analysis of the quality goals of the company.

At CUC we have developed the necessary registration tools and therefore we are able to perform any adaptations required regardless of which field we wish to pursue, whether on a permanent or periodic basis.

We consider a systematic handling of preventive/corrective actions to be crutial for the organisation in order to learn from mistakes and thus avoid discrepancies which might lead to complaints.

We have prepared extensive PFMEA analyses of our moulding processes, which set out CUC’s standard quality plan as a supplement to systematic sampling according to AQL values set out.

We can of course offer to carry out specific controls during the process in cooperation with the customers, if requested.

Calibration and Maintenance

At CUC any calibration of testing and measuring equipment is made by an external partner accredited by DANAK.

As part of our quality assurance the remaining part of the company’s equipment is constantly and periodically maintained and serviced on a regular basis – either by our own engineers or through external service.

Environment and Safety – Always at the Forefront

CUC takes pride in being upfront when it comes to safety and environment. We are part of the Operation Clean Sweep initiative and we comply with relevant, European directives including REACH and ROHS.