Holcher Design Agency and CUC join forces

Holscher Design Copenhagen is one of the most regcognized and award winning design agencies in Scandinavia with roots back to designer Arne Jacobsen and CUC engineering join forces to develop a disinfection device. CUC engineering has, in collaboration with Holcher Design and Wellfare Medico, designed and produced HandMate; a disinfection device created to optimize the use of disinfectants and improve hand hygiene.

HandMate has an appealing design and is available as both a wall-mounted and free-standing floor model. HandMate uses a unique spray pattern that ensures the coverage of your palms, wrists and the back of your hands, and sprays both hands simultaneously. By using motion sensors HandMate is activated without having to touch it, thus reducing the spread of bacteria.

CUC engineering has been responsible for purchase, manufacturing, assampling and testing of HandMate. Further, CUC has designed and manufactured the moulding tools and moulded plastic parts.

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About Holscher Design Copenhagen.

Today, Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized and award-winning design agencies with over 70 awards and more than 40 years of experience. The studio’s core output is designing products, graphics, service design and design strategies.


About Wellfaremedico. 

Wellfaremedico provide a solution, that can improve hand hygiene and health in general of all individuals, both for professionals and private. The hand disinfection device is developed in a public-private partnership between Odense University Hospital in Odense (OUH) and Lillebælt Hospital – Vejle Hospital, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and CUC Engineering A/S, financed through funds from the growth forum of Southern Denmark (Syddansk Vækstforum) for the commercialization of Public-private innovation.