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CUC Engineering A/S was founded in 1988 as a precision mechanical company.The primary function was sub-supplier within audiology and medico technology. Since then the company has been developing rapidly and its working areas and core competencies now also comprise i.e. injection moulding of plastic parts, development/manufacture of form tools and production of cables and special cords. In January 2006 two former colleagues, Morten Rasmussen and Steen Bruun Jørgensen, took over CUC Engineering A/S with the purpose of developing and improving the company even further on a wide front – including optimization of the production and business processes.

The strategy process initiated in connection with the acquisition had its intermediate peak in December 2008 when the company achieved certification according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Later, the company achieved certification according to ISO 14001:2015.

In connection with the certification process a completely new management system was developed and implemented, and to cement the company’s role as a genuine development house, a series of documentation and development process procedures have now been established.

Knowhow and agility
At CUC we combine comprehensive technical competencies with a cost-conscious solution to our customers’ problems. We seek the most simple solutions to complicated tasks, and we supply solutions faster and more reliable than our competitors – especially those from low-wage areas.

We are aware that Danish production companies must be competent, effective and agile in order to competitive. We are ready to solve new challenges and we have in-house experience with a wide range of technical solutions normally only solved by far larger companies. Our decision-making processes are ultra effective, and you always get into contact with a competent person at once.

We are proud of our list of customers. CUC supplies a number of industry-leading companies with whom we enjoy the status as a regular and longstanding partner. We wish to maintain the entrepreneurship and the desire for solving new tasks, and at the same time we wish to ensure that products and processes are documented and secured in accordance with our certification basis.

Today CUC’s list of customers comprises a large range of industries, and part of our growth strategy is to constantly develop processes as well as production facilities to meet the customer’s demands and to offer new competencies. The company has the latest production equipment at its disposal, including 25 injection moulding machines.

Form tools are designed by using Pro-Engineer CAD/CAM, and in the production phase we solely use state-of-the-art CNC-controlled tool machines including a 5-axis milling machine and CNC spark erosion and wire cutting machines.

However, our most important raw material is our skilled employees and we intent to keep and develop a staff with the will and the ability – at their own initiative – to define and solve problems and tasks in accordance with the customers’ instructions.

The company is situated in modern buildings at Industrivej 29 in Slagelse with easy infrastructural access. CUC Engineering A/S has obtained a position as a consolidated and respected Danish company with an ability to compete in the global marketplace.


Every day, we strive to improve the way we do business to reduce the environmental footprint. We are certified and operate our business based on the environmental management system ISO 14001. New environmental performance targets are defined every year to enhance our sustainability.

The ISO 14001 standard contributes to the following UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Morten Rasmussen

Managing Director

Steen Bruun Jørgensen

Production Director

Peter Nilausen

Senior R&D Engineer

Rasmus Højmark

Supply Chain Manager

Ole Rødgaard

Finance- & HR-Coordinator