New Injection Moulding Simulation Software

Improved capabilities within the development department. The plastic injection moulding simulation software, Moldex3D solution, has successfully been implemented and pays off immediately. Mouldex3D gives the ability to run simulations with the highest level of precision. Moldex3D makes it possible to creative precise simulation models faster and with higher precision than ever seen before. Models which previously had to be modeled as mid plane models, can now without problems be solved in real 3D, without compromising on precision, and at the same time achieve shorter calculation times. Moldex3D gives a lot of options, such as multi component moulding, conformal cooling, CFD calculation of water flow, overmoulding of metal or plastic components and so on.

“Moldex3D gives prompt results for the multiple design changes to find the most feasible and optimal design virtually. The potential product defects are predicted by the simulation and prevented in advance thus improving the final quality and meeting the stringent product requirements. Moldex3D is delivering a tangible contribution to the success of the development projects.” Morten Rasmussen, Managing Director.