World Class – Rapid Development Across Multiple Sources

World Class Performance

– STATE® is a successful brand in the market for high performance energy drinks. It is made for athletes and regarded as a very attractive recipe, and both investors and prominent international sports names line up as ambassadors and financial backers – among them are Christian Eriksen, Tottenham, player of the year, and Caroline Wozniacki, WTA and former world ranking number 1.

In December 2015, just a few days before Christmas, STATE® contacted CUC Engineering with quite a challenging rapid development assignment. The trend in the market for energy drinks had taken a turn that seemed particularly promising for STATE®, but it was a window of opportunity that would only be open for a short period of time, so that immediate action was required. CUC Engineering was to produce a injection moulding tool to the manufacture of caps, and fast.

“We are more than pleased that CUC accepted the challenge in spite of the extremely short time limit”, said COO Kim Have, “we didn’t know if our timeline was feasible, but we already got the first samples a few weeks after Christmas – which was fantastic, because the timing is absolutely critical for a successful introduction of a new product.”

Iconic bottle
After the first couple of cap deliveries the people behind STATE® decided to give the cap a new unique look so as to complete the iconic expression of the bottle.

“The collaboration process with the CUC team was both creative and productive, indeed exhilarating,” remembers CEO Jon Volf Andersen. “We didn’t meet more than a couple of times, but CUC presented us with new creative ideas each time, and as we see it, the final result is nothing short of perfect.”

About State®
STATE® is the new balanced energy drink, for those who wish to achieve the unique combination of mental balance, increased focus, stable blood sugar and a high energy level.

It is made from the best ingredients available and composed especially for you, to provide you with unique performance as well as sheer pleasure.

Aside from caffeine, STATE® contains taurine, vitamins B6 and B12 that help reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and Palatinose/Isomaltulose (3%), which ensures a more stable blood sugar than do the average sugary drinks. STATE® also contains 300 mg green tea extract. It is produced in Denmark with no added flavouring.